Reflecting on Service and Sisterhood

Janette Herrera:  Fall 2012


JanetteI rushed OPA on a whim. I had no idea what OPA was and I never imagined I would join a sorority. As soon as I learned that OPA was service based, I was all for it. Helping others is a huge motivator that gets me through life. It was honestly a life changing decision. OPA has made me grow into a stronger leader, it has challenged me and taken me out of my comfort zone. I have met many amazing girls that have all inspired me to become the better version of my self and to continue to make this world a better place. It is incredible to meet so many different girls that come together for service. It has taught me to appreciate and respect the differences that make us all unique. Most importantly, it has reminded me that there are many kind-hearted individuals with a passion to always help out!

Sam Berlin:  Fall 2013


I rushed OPA for a few reasons, the main two being that I wanted to do service and I wanted to meet new people. Throughout the past three years I have been involved in so many service projects that have helped to satisfy my need to give back and I have met people who I know I will call close friends and sisters for the rest of my life. OPA is so amazing in that it helps connect people who have a heart full of love and a desire to serve others, which in the end is what I believe we are here for.12348148_10203678825051677_3615805171958938887_n


Colleen Sikora: Fall 2012


Service, Friendship, and Leadership. These three cardinal principles of Omega Phi Alpha is what convinced me to start on one of the best decisions of my college career.
I pledged my in my freshman fall semester, and when I was going through rush I was so excited to meet girls who were real, unique, genuinely kind to me and one another, and excited to serve others. They all had a single goal of serving the community and each other, building up the goals, dreams, and leadership qualities of one another.
I wanted to be apart of that.
When I decided to go through with interviews and accept my bid, from then on my life was changed. I developed leadership qualities through various executive board positions, including Pledge Class President, Active District Officer, and Service Director. I learned how to be a sister and mentor to my two amazing littles, who challenge me to become a better version of myself constantly. I gained best friends, who I wouldn’t have met without OPhiA.
Most importantly, I learned the value of my time and energy to those around me. Whether it was handing out compliments to students on campus, dancing with the athletes of the Special Olympics, or helping a sister through a hard time. Omega Phi Alpha has given me skills that I’m taking into my career as a journalist, and has made me a better version of myself.
These last (almost) 4 years have been some of the most formative, fun, and enjoyable years of my life.
I can’t thank my sisters enough for the opportunity to be their sister.
2015_Spring Activation

Andrea Dame: Fall 2012

I rushed OPA when I was a freshman for a few different reasons. I ran into my old NAU freshman orientation leader Chae Chavez who I got really close with and she was apart of the organization and had nothing but good things to say about it.
My friend Colleen Sikora was also talking about rushing a sorority and was doing her research about OPhiA. She told me all about it and I really resonated with the community service aspect of the organization. In high school I was the President of a community service club and during my senior year I completed 450 hours of community service so it was safe to say that volunteering was close to my heart.
Being in a leadership role in high school I appreciated the opportunities that would be given to me through this organization to work on my leadership skills and I really loved the idea of meeting other girls around NAU and establishing friendships. When I was rushing I wanted a sisterhood but I never imagined that I would have gained sisters who would become my best of friends.
Also, dragging Beka Kent to all of the rush nights and after meeting all of the girls and seeing how nice everyone was we both agreed to get initiated. Having someone else go through this process with really solidified my yes to OPA.
Next question:
 First and foremost, I have gotten a lot of amazing friendships out of this sorority. There has been drama yes, I mean we are a group of 60+ girls but there’s something special about the bonds between girls who spend hours upon hours together.
I have been blessed to have been a part of a sorority that has given back to and impacted so many people. Through the course of the four years that I have been a part of the sorority there have been a lot of changes but that core principal has always been the same. I have always felt that I have been making a difference however big or small that it has been.
Lastly, through the past four years from the opportunities given I have gained the confidence to be a leader. I know that I can effectively manage a budget, organize a gathering, and hold a convention for a hundred people. I have learned so many skills that will continue to help me for the rest of my life.
I didn’t realize how much this sorority has affected me throughout my college experience but without Omega Phi Alpha I would be a much different person than I am today. I have given a lot to this sorority but it does not even begin to compare to how much this sorority has given to me.

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